Mushers are INHUMANE AND CRUEL to their dogs. To prove it, mushers shove matchsticks up dog's butts.
Mushers shove matchsticks up a dog's butt to supposedly get the dog to poop on command.
“Training a dog to poop on command is challenging at best, so [Rex] Jones uses the old matchstick-up-the butt…Read More

Whip used on sled dogs. Photo attributed to Wikimedia

Stop Killing Pups Who Dont Make Iditarod Races&Dogs That Do!

1 dog having to suffer and died on the Iditarod trail is too many. Now what would you think about 136+?

Dogs Used in the Iditarod

Dogs Used in the Iditarod Six dogs died in the 2009 Iditarod. It is believed that two of the dogs froze to death. Musher Lou Packer admitted that he could feel ice form under the skin of one of the two dogs before he died. Three other dogs dropped dead on the trail and the cause of their deaths is “inconclusive.” The sixth dog died of unknown…Read More