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Support an Article V Convention of States in Arizona

Urge Arizona Legislators to Join the Convention of States Movement to Propose Amendments to the US Constitution

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Arizona Leaders - Both Pro & Con - Offer Opening Statements

The Great Debate – Article V – Arizona Leaders Offer Opening Statements

Western Free Press
The YouTube audio tracks below comprise the first part of the best discussion/debate I’ve ever heard on the controversial state-legislature-driven Article V initiatives to amend the US Constitution. In this first of three articles on WesternFreePress.com, Arizona leaders of Article V and Nullification initiatives present opening statements on…Read More

Learn How the Convention of States Proposal is Different... and why it will Succeed!

Learn | How Our Proposal is Different

Convention of States
We believe our strategy gives us an almost-certain chance of success. Want to help? Keep reading. Two goals separate our plan from all other Article V organizations: 1. We want to call a convention for a particular subject rather than a particular amendment. Instead of calling a convention for a balanced budget amendment (though we are…Read More
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