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” Elimination of the "Stand Your Ground" law!

If someone Kills the outcome depends less on the merits of the case than on who you are, whom you kill where.

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    Gregg L. Greer is a Public Speaker, Minister, Journalist, Author and social activist. Greer is the…Read More

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Gregg Greer
Gregg Greer Campaign leader

Stand Your Ground is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever known in America since organized “lynching.” If you maintain…Read More

Break The Grip of Shame-"Stand your Ground" Must GO!!

Posted on February 27, 2014 Updated on February 27, 2014   Past Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally Starting Today Human Rights Leaders around the country are preparing a multinational protest rally against, Stand Your Ground, and Police brutality starting in Florida with calls to hundreds of students from FAMU, Florida State University,…Read More