Poor little thing ):

  • Update #10

I feed and water this guy everyday else he will just go without. I wish I could do more to help him.... he loves it when he can see me coming he runs right towards me :)  P.S. this has nothing to do with ponies but could you vote for my dog please :)…Read More


  • Update #9

I'm so angry and upset! The woman who was helping me get Polly has only gone and took her for herself!!  She was texting/ringing my mum all week and I really trusted her. I was feeding Polly her dinner every night without fail and when I found out she was…Read More

Plan of action.

  • Update #8

Fed Polly her dinner. She saw me in the car and pricked up her ears and starting neighing she clearly knows I am here to help as I see her interact with other people and she becomes quite stroppy and moody. Her chain is loose now to the point she could even…Read More

Sorry but not sorry.

  • Update #7

I know you all are only trying to help but can people stop commenting the obvious... I keep having to respond to comments saying "contact the RSPCA " don't you think I have already tried numerous times!!! The police won't do anything, the RSPCA aren't doing…Read More

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