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Personal Campaign

Amanda Gordon

Amanda is gathering 15 signatures to

Start A Petition To Pass A Law Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence goes all the way back to my childhood. I remember hiding my younger siblings in the dryer & throwing clothes in on top of them so that my father wouldn't find them, and trying to protect my mother on a daily mother had no family or friends within 675 miles.... The worst one was when my mom was 6 months pregnant with my Little brother. She was at the stove cooking dinner when my dad came in. He didn't want what she was cooking so he bent her over, held her down on top of the hot stove, & raped and beat her so badly, she gave birth to my brother that night. He was rushed to egleston childrens hospital in Atlanta where he lived in a NICU unit with wires and hoses the first 6 wks of his life, & still had to remain hospitalized until he was 5 months and 8 days old. I didn't get to meet my baby brother until he was 6 months old. And now, grown with a son of my own, I'm fresh out of an abusive relationship myself. It didn't matter how bad he beat me, each strike always hurt my heart more than they hurt me physically. Please help bring awareness to domestic violence & push for it to be punishable by jail time.

Amanda's progress

11 signed
15 Amanda's goal

Personal Campaign

Bonnie Miller

Bonnie is gathering 1,000 signatures to

Start A Petition To Pass A Law Against Domestic Violence

I'm trying to help pass Gypsy's Law in New York State which will make domestic assault a felony, make minimum 5 year prison term on 3rd offense, make domestic assault offenders register in a public registry. Michelle Whitney...I will never forget that name, I was a volunteer for a domestic violence telephone hotline one day and she told me she was leaving her newborn son's father that night, her plan was to sneak out while he slept... she never made it....her body was found thrown away off exit 22 in Lake George, the baby was never found, he had a history of beating her for 6 years, THAT'S ASSAULT and it's time we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! Abusers don't have a gender or race or age, PLEASE HELP ME remember Michelle and PASS THIS LAW!!!!!!!

Bonnie's progress

4 signed
1,000 Bonnie's goal

Personal Campaign

Grace Okpo

Grace is gathering 10 signatures to

Start A Petition To Pass A Law Against Domestic Violence

I come from a community where women still get 'circumcised' at the point of getting married traditionally. Although, I managed to escape it, many girls and young women still get subjected to this ordeal against their wish to date! I seek the world's support against female genital mutilation. It is a violence against women and it must stop!

Grace's progress

4 signed
10 Grace's goal

Personal Campaign

Diane Singleton

Diane is gathering 10 signatures to

Start A Petition To Pass A Law Against Domestic Violence

Holly Bobo would not have been kidnapped and murdered if this law had been in effect. The murderer had been convicted of domestic abuse when he shot his own mother in 2004 and should have still been in prison for this crime. But he later was convicted of another assault in his own home and was not incarcerated at all, but took "rehab" instead. Please help get this campaign viewed and maybe we can get a petition started to change these laws. They have to start somewhere.

Diane's progress

3 signed
10 Diane's goal
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