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    The CDC WILL perform their due obligation, and acknowledge Morgellons Disease.

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Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander Campaign leader

A beautiful baby girl and family knew nothing of Morgellon's disease until their doctor told them about it. The child suffers now and is…Read More

Baby Girl Denied Medical Care Due to Stigma

Guardian Liberty Voice
Baby Girl Denied Medical Care Due to Stigma A young baby girl, six months of age, was brought into a doctor’s office two years ago. The child, daughter of Kristie Tait, presented with hives and rashes that seemed to come and go. The child cried from pain and frantically grabbed at her face, legs, or anywhere else on her body in an attempt to…Read More
Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander Campaign leader

The letter to physicians from physician should be enough, but doctors still fear the stigma of addressing morgellons and that is because of…Read More

Morgellons Disease What Is It Really?

Guardian Liberty Voice
Morgellons Disease What Is It Really?   A subject many health care professionals do not want to talk about is the infamous Morgellons Disease.  This is a controversial subject because there are several different sides to the issue.  A question has been on the minds of thousands, maybe millions of people; what is Morgellons Disease really?  In…Read More

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Clear Channel Communications: The CDC Must Acknowledge Morgellons Disease and Initiate Ongoing Research

PETITION CDC DIRECTOR, STAFF, and CONGRESS [Supporters of this movement, and herein, will be known as the Coalition] The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has alleged that Morgellons Disease is likely due to a psychiatric disorder. We are officially demanding the director and lead staff of scientists to acknowledge Morgellons as…Read More