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Ban Sell Of Tiger Cubs

As some of you already know, for the past 7 years, my sister Charlene Sills and I have made it our life's mission to do whatever it takes for ending wild/exotic animals pet trade. In other words, we are advocating , educating and bringing awareness to the fact that there are thousands of people in our country alone that either own, have owned or in pursuit of owning a wild animal such as tigers, lions, wolves, chimpanzees, pumas , jaguars, hyenas etc. They are not and never will make good pets. It is not only dangerous for the people and animals, it is cruel to keep an animal that belongs in his vast wilderness he roams and hunts , mates etc , . To prevent these animals from being what they are , is a crime against natures and out right animal cruelty. There is never a good end to these situations. The sad part is , the animal is always the one that loses. Once most are in captivity , they will never be able to return to the wild. Many cases these animals lose their lives. Big Cats Big Hearts Heather Cooney

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