In do not want to, one day, be dorning an alien species' back, so fully comprehend the fur animals plight. There is so much else to wear that is not trying to live in the truly alive sense! Carol Seiler

Ban animal fur trade and perhaps some other species may not use humans one day for skin trade. Carol Seiler

As an animal lover and Chairperson of a SPCA I am appalled to see the utter cruelty, disregard, abuse and abandonment of animals on a daily basis. This trade is cruel, inhumane and totally, totally unnecessary. In this day and age we do not require to wear fancy furs and other natural garments are…Read More

iám support a love the dog

help end the cruel fur trade in South Africa

Love, animals have mates and babies - we should not take lives away from animals it is not our place!

help end the cruel fur trade in South Africa
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