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Rian Igos
Rian Igos Campaign leader

Our deepest sympathies to the Ocenar family. How heartbreaking. Wake up call: Do you know that as ultra-rich severely corrupt local…Read More

No kid survives Tacloban tent fire

In Tacloban City, more than 3,700 Yolanda survivors remain exposed to similar hazards by living in tents TENT TRAGEDY. John Mark Ocenar (left), 7, is treated in a hospital before he dies due to cardiac arrest, says Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez. Photo courtesy of Tacloban City government MANILA, Philippines – John Mark Ocenar, 7, hung on…Read More
Rian Igos
Rian Igos Campaign leader

Preventing acts of severe corruption is a challenge that can't take a backseat in the healing and rehab of Central Philippines. And in…Read More

Save1Life - You Stop A Corrupt Act NOW

First, we believe lasting success can't be through some knockouts. So we believe are the best methods in drastically curbing severe corruption in the Philippines to ensure lasting success and that substantial benefits reach the millions of the poor families. But winning in broad fronts. Even slowly perhaps, but consistently. Before we go to the…Read More

What apathetic Filipinos won't admit to, the German think tank Bertelsman Foundation says it all. For many years, we discreetly fought…Read More

‘No real progress in PH if dynasties not dismantled’

SKYLINE OVER POVERTY LINE The towering buildings are at the heart of Makati City, while the shanties are along an estero in Pasay City. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO The Philippines remains a fragile democracy despite the Aquino administration’s gains that have not been enough to make up for “nearly a decade of regression” during the previous…Read More
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