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    I am an honest, compassionate person of great integrity. Please sign petition: …Read More

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Nadia Sindi
Nadia Sindi Campaign leader

Dr. Insane Frohnmayer is trying to make himself an innocent person, and trashes me big time! I have a friend of mine that I know for 15…Read More

Why Dave Frohnmayer is not an acceptable interim President - UO Matters

Update: Frohnmayer is now out and I’m not going to waste my time finishing this post. If you still care, links to all the documents mentioned below are available on this site, just click on the labels below. Email me if you want a copy of his email threatening me with a “defamation per se” lawsuit over the state audit of his contracts. …Read More
Nadia Sindi
Nadia Sindi Campaign leader

Dr. Insane Frohnmayer is lying & spreading rummors about me!! Frohnmayer NEEDS to be locked in with the rest of his cronies. Bob…Read More

Frohnmayer’s latest ethics problem - UO Matters

6/15/2012 update: I’m no legal ethics professor, but this doesn’t look good for Frohnmayer: The full letter is here. The Bar’s disciplinary counsel has given Frohnmayer and Gary until 6/21 to respond. The Bend Bulletin reports that the county has spent about $100,000 on the matter so far, presumably much of it to Frohnmayer and Gary’s firm.…Read More
Nadia Sindi
Nadia Sindi Campaign leader

Tag Archives: Frohnmayer salary and perks Live-blog lite: UO Trustees finance committee to meet Tu, 9AM, Room 403 Alumni Center

Frohnmayer salary and perks - UO Matters

2/3/2013 update. Former UO President Frohnmayer sends the email below, correcting several points on the post below, and giving his opinion on others. The last email I got from Frohnmayer also vaguely threatened a defamation lawsuit, but he dropped that after the state Audits Division told him he really was under investigation. He had to repay UO…Read More
Nadia Sindi
Nadia Sindi Campaign leader

more of what the most dangerous criminal mind, above the law an ethical misconduct!

Unions file lawsuit against PERS cuts - UO Matters

7/20/2013: Brent Hunsberger writes an excellent personal finance column for the Oregonian. His take on the impact of the SB 822 PERS COLA cuts is here. 7/3/2013: That was quick. From the law offices of BENNETT HARTMAN MORRIS & KAPLAN, full pdf here. For someone retiring with a $60K per year starting PERS annuity, the COLA cut in SB 822 would…Read More
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