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PETITION: Sign the Petition to All HUMANS To: All HUMANS W.C.A.I.C. says support ENDING of HUMAN TRAFFICKING worldwide.

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    Some Woman Named Teresa in Nebraska I may have been F***ed With, but I'm not confused. W.C.A.I.C. -…Read More

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Teresa Belsky
Teresa Belsky Campaign leader

Dare to be unrealistic! "Over the past couple of years I have been told that some of my ideas are unrealistic. I have been told numerous…Read More

Human Trafficking Networks in Prisons

Justice For Life
Human Trafficking Networks in Prisons Published February 11, 2014 Modern-Day Slavery and Human Trafficking For years, John Meekins* heard inmates talk about how they had been prostituted and held captive by pimps. As a corrections officer, he often considered it part of the lifestyle of many drug abusers, but it wasn’t until he attended a…Read More