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Jeannie Ross

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Object To The Release Of Gmo Maize In Rsa

GMO's have a proven causal link to a host of deadly cancers, kidney disease, liver disease, autism, neurological diseases as well as to ADD, ADHD etc. GMO's have been banned in almost all non-US countries save AFRICA. Africa has become a eugenics program. PLEASE sign this petition to put a stop to toxic GMO foods. In the meantime avoid all main GMO crops not just cottonseed oil. These are MAIZE (CORN/SAMP/BREADS/CEREALS) SOY, CANOLA (RAPESEED OIL) SUGARBEETS (UNSPECIFIED SUGARS) Hawaiin Papaya, SUMMER SQUASH & PEAS. BY ORGANIC. Sign and invite your family & friends to sign as well. You only have one body. Do you really want DOW, SYNGENTA, MONSANTO and other multi-billion dollar biotech corps to use yours as a science experiment?

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Damian Potter

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Object To The Release Of Gmo Maize In Rsa

Monsanto has been directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths through the manufacture of chemical warfare weapons such as Napalm. They produce deadly chemicals such as DDT and RoundUp, which are directly related to child deformities and deaths, and a dramatic increase in liver, kidney and lung diseases, and directly linked to cancer cases. They are enforcing the use of GMO products and limiting peoples right to choice in food consumption. They have a global agenda to control the food supply and they need to be stopped. Please take some time to read up more if you are unsure but history and the cold facts speak for themselves. I have taken a stand to not buy any GMO products, to read up on everything that I consume and to create as much awareness as I can about the atrocities of Monsanto.

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Jean Higgins

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Object To The Release Of Gmo Maize In Rsa

GMO products are a danger to the world be it for food or other commodities As concerned citizens, we object to DOW AgroSciences’ application (09 February 2014) for commodity clearance of GM Cotton DAS-24236-5 x DAS-21023-5. WE URGE YOU TO: - Support independent research on impact of GMOs on Humans, Animals & Environment. - Revoke approvals for commodity clearance & general release of GMOs until strict, independent research proves safety. - Strictly apply the Precautionary Principle. - Adopt strategies to promote & support sustainable, agro-ecological & climate-smart farming. - Listen to consumers & enable production of gmo-free alternatives. - Halt approval of all GMO applications, including this one from DOW AgroSciences. Dow Agrosciences admit that the cotton plant produces toxicants gossypol and cyclopropenoid fatty acids under B7: Surely this is reason enough to stop this going through

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