To make people aware of child labour, what happens to these children, what companies use child labour and how they can help.


Child labour is taking children away from their homes and families to work for as little as 0.63 cents to nothing. These children have no education no time to play and getting hardly anything to eat. If we keep buying certain products from companies that use child labour we are supporting the problem when we should be preventing it.raise awareness of child labour the companies that support

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and show people how   can help.  Child labour is all over the world and millions of children are affect with this. Many companies support and use child labour to get supplies cheaper and make more of a profit. Some of these companies include Victoria secret, Microsoft, Hershey’s chocolate, and many more. Many of these children are forced to collect cocoa beans, cotton and to make certain products in hazardous conditions. 

Children that are being forced to work are losing years of their life, over 150,000 slaves are under the age of 14, and 246 million of them are under the age of 18. 70% of these children are working in hazardous conditions, millions will never attend school nor have an education. They are risking their lives and working long hours of the day for just a little shelter and food.

53 per cent of children engaged in child labour are exposed to serious hazardous conditions, including toxic chemicals, extreme temperatures, isolation, denigration, violence, heavy machinery and repetitive tasks that put strain on their small bodies. Children in child labour are deprived of an education, many work every day to help their families survive. They are trapped in the life of child labour. Child slaves often begin work at a very young age usually around 5 years, meaning they miss out on basic human rights such as an education, rest and leisure. This is a tragic existence, one that no child deserves. Companies like Hershey’s chocolate are taking children out of their family lives to work for as little as 0.63 cents to nothing, thousands of children have been known to harvest cocoa beans in West Africa alone today, all of these children have never eaten chocolate.

We are hoping these children will be paid a little more and to be given a time to get an education, this may make products a little more expensive but with all these children working with all the dangers they deserve better. They deserve to be able to buy food get the education they need, basic human rights and to be safe with their families.

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