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Help Sasha feed his dogs in Serbia

Sasha is a man taking care of 400 animals in Serbia. He needs food and supplies. Let's applaud his example !

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Serbia: 16/5/2014: Huge Floods Are Taking Lives Of Dogs at Pozega Pound. Authorities Refusing To Let Activists In To Rescue Doge. For More See Facebook Link Provided.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)
    16/5/2014:  We are currently having no contact with our Serbian campaigners. Information and news is very limited.   Urgent message from Marie – see facebook page below. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HelpPozegaDogs/ The Pozega pound, Nas Dom, Serbia is flooded. The dogs inside are trapped in their cages and on chains. They…Read More

This article explains in detail Sasha's work in Serbia. Many will question the validity of the article - I have a dear friend who…Read More

This Man is Running Out of Food to Feed 400 Rescued Dogs

Laura Simpson
Written by Jovana Ivastanin Sasha Pejčić is a rare kind of man who has been rescuing dogs in Nis, Serbia for years. His animal shelter is absolutely breathtaking. The dogs all follow Sasha around and it’s amazing to watch their interaction with each other. They all eat together peacefully, play, run and sleep together. Most of the dogs have been…Read More