The reason I am campaigning about shark finning is because I want the word to get spread through the world that shark finning is inhumane. 73 million sharks are killed each year due to finning. They are captured by hooks than dragged on board boats to be slaughtered by getting their fins cut off while suffocating and bleeding. After being finned, sharks are kicked overboard to sink to the bottom of the ocean, finless, defenceless and drowning. Why should we kill sharks?  They were here first! Why should we take sharks out of their territory and de fin them just to chuck them back into the ocean to die? The goal of my campaign is to show people that finning is unacceptable and we need to put it to an end!

Shark finning occurs around the world. Finning is not only inhumane, it also causes some sharks to near extinction. For example, the grey nurse shark is now critically endangered with less than five hundred remaining. Some species of sharks, like the grey nurse shark, only reproduce once every two years. The fact is that we are killing sharks faster than they can reproduce! We need to make a stand and stop shark finning.

We need to have more officers patrolling the oceans where the grey nurse shark is more likely to breed or live and catch anyone who is hunting them or finning any sharks. If there were more patrols throughout fishing areas, there would be less chance of people finning the beautiful creatures and then chucking them back into the ocean to drown. I need for this word to spread and for everyone to realise that sharks belong on this earth as much as we do!

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