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This article provides facts about shark finning, such as what actually happens on board a shark finning trawler. It also shows images which…Read More

How Many Sharks Are Caught Each Year? | Save Our Seas Foundation

How Many Sharks Are Caught Each Year? Tens of millions of sharks die each year to supply the multi-billion dollar fin trade. But how many exactly, how do we know, and why is it important? Photo © Thomas P. Peschak Compared to other commercial fisheries, the shark-fin industry is opaque, secretive, and often operates in a legal grey area,…Read More
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This website explains the real side of the innocent species, grey nurse sharks. It clarifies that they aren’t out there in the water…Read More

Diving Australia: Grey Nurse Shark Persecution

Large enough to get your complete & undivided attention is how American underwater photographer Marty Snyderman once summed up an encounter with the Grey Nurse Shark (Carcharias taurus) – big & fierce looking, with a set of prominent sharp teeth, the Grey Nurse moves through the water in a slow but determined manner that creates a…Read More
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This article provides an understanding of how much suffering sharks go through when being tortured on fishing boats. This article explains…Read More

Shark Finning - The Big Picture of a Big Problem: Animal Planet

Animal Planet
Watch maritime crews off the coast of New Zealand fight poachers and other wrongdoers on the high seas in an exciting new season of Coastwatch, premiering Fridays at 8/7c on Planet Green. Shark finning is a brutal practice. A shark is caught, pulled onboard a boat, its fins are cut off, and the still-living shark is tossed back overboard to…Read More
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