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“Tiger Temple 100% certain tigers are drugged!”

19 July 2010.

I went to the Tiger Temple on 23/3/10 with my sister and nieces. It was patently obvious these tigers are drugged. They were between 8 and 10 tigers laying around in various states of consciousness, ranging from totally out of it, i.e…Read More

This report reveals the extent of the cruelty these tigers endure in there time at the Tiger Temple in Thailand before they are illegally…Read More

Report reveals extent of cruelty at Thailand's Tiger Temple

July 2008: A new report by animal welfare and conservation group Care for the Wild International (CWI) has exposed the truth about conditions for animals within the Tiger Temple in Kanchanburi, Thailand. CWI is using their evidence to urge Thailand’s Department of National Parks to move the tigers to a sanctuary. The Tiger Temple keeps 15 tigers…Read More

Behind closed doors, these majestic animals are treated like dirt! Elephants are incredible, they grieve over the bodies of dead herd…Read More

There are about 350 monkeys who work as street performers in Jakarta but thankfully the practice is on its way out. Jakarta's Governor Joko…Read More

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