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Abolish 'stand Your Ground' And 'shoot First' Laws

It was designed to be used without thinking about the consequences and against Minorities first. The Killing of the young man "Trayvon Martin," by a man who stalked him, went where the Police said not to go and the young man ended up dead by a man ignoring an lawful order yet he walks free. The Next child Killed is gonna Cost Somebody if this Law is allowed to stay on the Books.. The Government obviously forgot about the Riots from the Past and how many people had fire bombs, as stupid as it was to even be burning up your own neighborhood, it was still done is spite of being stupid, people resorted to what others feared. Stop this Law, no problem. Keep This Law. Well, enough said. I am motivated to run this campaign because I had a Son Killed , But God, I mean But God. I could never have envisioned the settlement made, by the Vengeance that the Lord Exacted. The Lord did something so profound to the man responsible for killing my Son, that Part of me feels sorry for the man, I was thinking "Maybe he will tell me one day he was sorry". The Lord knew that fellow was not going to do that in spite of the fact the city of Newport News had sentenced that man to less than six months to a work release for killing my child in 1984. But God, in 12 months later "Took Care Of That". Tell the Story ? Now You Have It !

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