Shark nets on the gold coast should all be removed.

Sharks are dying an unnecessary death from an
irrational fear. Sharks nets make the public believe their beaches are shark free. The reason there are less sharks is because they are slowly drowning in the nets that are set up just a few hundred meters from the beach. 50% of the sharks caught in these nets are from the beach side. The death of these sharks is unnecessary. Shark nets do not provide protection to beach goers and only kill sharks and other marine life. Endangered animals are being caught and killed and this is preventable. These nets must be removed.

The current situation is extreme, not only are large numbers of endangered and non-endangered sharks are being caught and killed in these nets but a large numbers of other marine life is also being caught and killed in these nets. 53098 marine animals were caught in the shark nets in Queensland alone during 2013. If every continent had shark nets, imagine the extreme numbers of marine life lost throughout the world.

This change is needed as shark numbers have decreased dramatically over 100 million sharks are killed each year, not from shark nets alone but they are a factor to the issue, it also destroys the other marine life that gets caught in the nets., such as whales, dolphins, turtles and seals.

We can band together as a community and fight against this cruelty and murder to stop this genocide by banning all the shark nets worldwide as our long term goal, and to remove all shark nets from the Gold Coast as our short term goal.

If we remove shark nets from the Gold Coast it will save the lives of endangered and non endangered shark species and also the unnecessary deaths of marine mammals, it should also help with awareness of safe swimming times and the fact that shark nets do not affect the number of shark attacks and the risk you have of a fatal shark attack is little to none.

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