My goal is to see people buying free range products, and not factory farmed products. Factory farming is a process of raising large numbers of livestock in a high-density environment, where the farm operates as a factory. Animals are viewed as objects rather than as individual beings, and the operator’s goal is maximum production at the lowest possible cost. This is a subject that everyone needs to be aware of because it effects everybody in their own way.                                                     

My campaign is important because we need to stop this horrendous practise. This is a tough situation because too many people buy the cheapest option and the cheapest option is the factory farmed products but it is also the more unhealthy option. Not many people know that the animals are bread to breed 3 x faster, through the use of hormones, this makes the food much unhealthier because it’s not pure flesh it’s growing so fast its fat. This raises concern for human health, which not many people are aware of.

Factory farming needs to be stopped as soon as possible, so fewer animals are suffering or dying. The animals are born into this situations it is not their fault and not their choice. They are all forced into it. The animals are treated terribly and don’t even have enough room to stretch their legs, they are confined to a tiny cell almost as if they were in a prison their whole life and the day they are released, they are all slaughtered.

What needs to happen?, is Everyone must stop buying these products, and these farms should be exposed for what they really are. The quality of the products is only going to get worse over time, and the animals are only going to be treat worse. These animals now are living a life of hell and die for no reason. If these animals had a good life or grew by themselves without harmful chemicals and growth hormones, the meat that would be produced would be a better quality.

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