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James Coffin
James Coffin Campaign leader

Now... the bill moves on to the senate

Kansas House passes bill on marijuana penalties, medical use

The Kansas House passed a bill Thursday that would decrease penalties for marijuana possession, allow the limited production and sale of hemp oil and study uses for industrial hemp. The House also passed a compromise on green energy policy, and lawmakers considered new tax proposals as they seek ways to fill a budget gap of about $422 million…Read More
James Coffin
James Coffin Campaign leader

Momentum for states who are heavily in favor according to polls

Medical Marijuana Activists Converge On The Plaza

Cody Newill
Medical marijuana activists from Kansas and Missouri met at the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain Saturday to rally for expanded medical marijuana legalization. Activist groups Bleeding Kansas and Sensible Missouri organized the rally. Sensible Missouri founder Nick Raines says that lawmakers should allow citizens who are suffering from chronic…Read More
James Coffin
James Coffin Campaign leader

Federal Studies proving that automobile accidents and cannibis are not related

Feds: No link between pot and car crashes

Marijuana use has not been found to increase the risk of car crashes, according to a new federal report.  Studying car accidents in Virginia Beach, Va., during a 20-month period ending in 2012, researchers randomly sampled 3,000 accident-involved drivers and found no evidence suggesting those with marijuana in their system were more prone to…Read More
James Coffin
James Coffin Campaign leader

Be aware the time to legalize is now!

Will this be the year for medical marijuana in Kansas?

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas State Sen. David Haley of Kansas City, Kan., has filed the same bill, Senate Bill 9, for the last four years in the hopes that one day the state of Kansas will have a conversation on legalizing marijuana. The bill has never had a hearing. "One day, medical marijuana will be a non-issue, if not only Kansas, but in the…Read More
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