Stop Violence Against Women
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Hey Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory, #DateGrape is part of the problem. Share this image to raise awareness about rape culture!

Take rape off the menu

A sickening number of rapes are committed in America every day, but instead of looking at the disease, we only see the symptom. How do we…Read More

Take rape off the menu

Everybody and every business makes mistakes. This is a great example of what a responsible, community-minded business owner does when he…Read More

Staffer Fired Over Bar's 'Domestic Violence' Sign

NBC 10 Philadelphia
A sidewalk sign promoting a Philadelphia sports bar has stirred up controversy for poking fun at domestic violence. The message, scribed in colored chalk, read: “I like my beer like I like my violence… domestic.” It was posted Saturday afternoon outside Bar-Ly at 11th and Appletree Streets in the Chinatown section of the city.…Read More

Maybe it's just us, but partially covering the word "date" with a BANNED sticker doesn't seem like an apology. The Daiquiri Factory is…Read More

Take rape off the menu

#RapeCultureIsWhen was trending in multiple cities on Twitter on Tuesday. Members of this community seized the opportunity to get the word…Read More

Take rape off the menu
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