My Campaign goal:   

My goal is to raise awareness of the causes of coral bleaching, the destruction and pollution of the reefs around the world.

Why is my campaign important?

My campaign is a very important because the reefs eco systems are home to thousands and thousands of fish, marine turtles, sharks and other wildlife. Do you want to have the burden of killing these animals home? If we don’t look after them the consequences would be the extinction of thousands of species and massive rises in C0₂ in the ocean which would cause fish to suffocate.

Goal – Reduce climate change:

Climate change is one of the world’s biggest threats to the world we live in, and we are the only people on earth who can make a change to stand tall and find alternate power sources to fossil fuels. The campaign goal is to be able to have a cleaner earth for all ecosystems to grow and live, spreading awareness of this issue will help make a difference and stop destruction of our coral reefs.

Describe the situation – What is climate change and coral bleaching:

Our coral reefs are being destroyed by Global Warming as it is the increase of Earth’s surface temperature due to the effects from greenhouse gases, which are carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. Another cause of climate change is deforestation which traps heat that would otherwise leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Almost 90% of Global Warming is caused by humans and it is having a huge effect on our ecosystems. However, even slight increases in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide cO2 can cause a substantial increase in temperature and cause coral bleaching to our coral reefs.

Corals contain photosynthetic algae called zooxanthellae in their tissues. These algae provide the coral with food in return for protection in a symbiotic relationship and give the corals their distinctive colour. Prolonged stressful environmental conditions cause a breakdown in this symbiotic relationship. These conditions include unusually high or low sea temperature, high or low light levels, freshwater or pollutants. Warmer waters are also expected to increase the incidence of other coral diseases such as black band disease, white band disease, white plague, and white pox, all of which can lead to mass mortality of coral, and subsequently the entire ecosystem it supports.

Why is it needed – Importance of coral reefs:

Coral reefs are important for many reasons. Most importantly, they provide protection and shelter for many different species of fish. Without coral reefs, these fish are left homeless with nowhere to live and nowhere to breed. Not only do these fish increase the diversity of our world, but also reef fish and molluscs feed between 30 and 40 million people every year. Fish also make beautiful pets and the money made by catching and selling these animals provides many people with an income so that they can feed their families.

Coral is very important in controlling how much carbon dioxide is in the ocean water. The coral polyp turns carbon dioxide in the water into a limestone shell. Without coral, the amount of carbon dioxide in the water would rise dramatically and that would affect all living things on earth. In addition, coral reefs are very important because they protect coasts from strong currents and waves by slowing down the water before it gets to the shore. That is why they are called barrier reefs. They provide a barrier between the ocean and the shore.

What is needed – The outcome:

A successful outcome for this campaign would mean the slowing down of global warming which is causing not only reefs to die but other ecosystems including our own. This can help save reefs for hundreds more years which will make life on earth much more sustainable. Keeping the coral reefs for years to come will create a beautiful place for our ancestors to visit and see the beauty of. You make the decision of helping our reefs.

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