​Animals Have Rights Too!

  • Update #9

Animals Have Rights Too! May 30, 2015 (June 7 in NYC) is The National Animal Rights Day (NARD). Established in 2011, it is an annual day celebrated across the country for the purpose of giving a voice to all animals and raising awareness for their rights,…Read More

TAG - You're it!

  • Update #7

TAG - You're it!  Let's make kindness towards animals go viral. STAND UP and SPEAK OUT for animals.  TAG each other.  There is STRENGTH in numbers and together we can make a difference in the fight against animal cruelty! Get your "TAG - You're it "…Read More

6 White Rhino's left on Earth!

  • Update #5

Give your support for the White Rhino. A rare northern White Rhino has died in Kenya, leaving just  6 of the animals left alive and bringing the famed African species one step closer to extinction. Rhino horns are prized in China and Vietnam, where they are…Read More

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