Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

Only a couple of hours left for Marius giraffe to live before they kill him. I beg you, PLEASE PLEASE, leave a comment on their FB-page to…Read More

VOICE outrage at the KILLING of Marius at Copenhagen Zoo

Ignoring thousands of pleas for clemency, at least two wildlife parks that wanted to re-home him and an offer of £415,000 from a wealthy…Read More

I just love animals and it hurts so bad to see how other countries can kill for no reason .we can't stand by and ignore this, if we do then we are no better than them who do join the cause and sign. So your support, don't ignore if you do then you are no different than the people who killed…Read More

Animals, including the 'surplus to needs' baby giraffe killed at copenhagen zoo, are not products, they are living beings who share this fragile planet with us. The zoo at copenhagen are not fit to care for animals, they disgust me and all things civilised. Bluntly, they are scumbags.

This campaign is so important to get the changes needed in EU zoos to stop this barbaric, heartless murder of other sentient beings like Marius. Life is a rare and precious gift that each and every earthling deserves. No earthling is "surplus!" Let's never forget Marius and in his memory work hard…Read More

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