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Voice Outrage At The Killing Of Marius At Copenhagen Zoo

To me this seems like a terrible solution. I do not believe this is a surplus giraffe, if others have offered to take it, that makes this a wanted and loved giraffe. This should not happen. I do not feel that feeding this baby giraffe to the carnivores is a very productive way to treat this problem. Please help save this baby and help it get to a place where it is wanted and cared for.

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Arlene Dehmer

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Voice Outrage At The Killing Of Marius At Copenhagen Zoo

I witnessed the murder and butchering of this gorgeous innocent creature of God on T.V. yesterday, when the beautiful 18 month giraffe could have been transferred to another facility. This killing and butchering of Marius was done in front of a crowd of adults and children alike. Then his remains were fed to the lions - I have never in my lifetime been so sickened with grief for this sweet animal who had just been munching on vegetation minutes earlier. The people behind this killing need to be punished as severely as possible - it won't bring Marius back, but it will prevent this type of killing from ever happening again. Please sign my petition and pass it along to friends and family in memory of this gentle sweet slim giant. May God bless you and thank you for caring...... Arlene Dehmer

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