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To Stop The Keystone Xl Tar Sands Pipeline.

Dear friends and family, please sign this petition to do our part while we can. We have no time to waste, we need to start recycling, conserving energy, food, resources and take action helping to clean the planet. Global Warming is a big problem!!! Politicians are not taking this seriously and are not acting on it like if is not a problem. It is a big problem and the fact that we have extreme temperatures, summers are to early in some parts of the planet, glazer's are disappearing faster than ever, there are draught in many parts of the planet, including California and the list goes on and on. We have a very serious situation, if we do not act fast, we are going to be in a lot of trouble. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!!!!

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To Stop The Keystone Xl Tar Sands Pipeline.

We just keep letting them kill us little by little..... our air to breath, our foods we eat, and the water........ Is life not more important than the mighty buck ? I want to save Mother Earth for the generations to come ! Why should man kill off all the life she gives..... we let them tear down all the trees..... tear up all the lands..... and take everything away that Mother Earth has to offer us to sustain our lives..... Stop the fracking.... Can we save the Earth and all her inhabitants including man ....? We need to speak up and be heard, or lie down and die ! I myself refuse to lie down for greed.... I want to save Mother Earth and all her inhabitants..... yes even man ! I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to know what life is all about...... ! Live . Love. Be Happy.

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