I support this cause...because cancer is linked to so many deaths, especially when tobacco was used. Even with the warning that are placed on cigarettes it's not enough.

If you haven't seen a human lung taken over by cancer take a look at one.
go through life with part of your lung gone. you can't walk any distance because you can't breathe. therefore when you go shopping you are in a wheelchair. go through chemotherapy . it makes you so sick you want to die.…Read More

This picture has always been so surprising to me, and the FACT, to just STOP smoking, your lungs can become the organ it was intended to…Read More

Get Walgreens and Rite Aid to Stop Selling Cigarettes

Most people start smoking as teens because they think it's cool! It's not they're setting a very bad example for there families. It's not fair to non-smokers that we are exposed it . Too many die from it and it effects everyone for the rest of there lives. Stop the madness for good!

Nick Magel
Nick Magel Campaign leader

Is it just me or does this sound like Walgreens wants to keep selling cigarettes so they can boost the market for products for people who…Read More

Walgreens still evaluating cigarette sales

The large pharmacy chain Walgreens says it’s still deciding how to proceed after CVS announced it is halting the sale of tobacco products. “We have been evaluating this product category for some time to balance the choices our customers expect from us with their ongoing health needs,” the company said in a statement this morning. Continue…Read More
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