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Danise Sommers Birchfield

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Get Walgreens And Rite Aid To Stop Selling Cigarettes

Please help stop the COPD like I have from the addiction to nicotine. IF it is not convienent and available it may help people think and rethink this distructive devil we become attatched to when we are young and unable to think past our need to self decide our actions. I want to help stop this from happening to other young people. Health is so much more than we are able to understand when we are trying to grow into independance. Thanks to CVS for their stance, and I use Walgreens and know they will follow.

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Dina DiBurro Platts

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Get Walgreens And Rite Aid To Stop Selling Cigarettes

This is a dear to my heart. I lost my grandfather to lung cancer. To see him get so frail and thin and watch him day by day wheezing coughing. It's sad back 50 yrs ago they just didn't know that cigarettes caused cancer. I know it's an addiction or it would be easy to quit. When I see the younger kids of today smoking I think you dumb shits! Do they really think they won't get cancer? Do they think their ammune? Ok I get it your addicted but if you can can make a choice right then to live or die I think or would hope you choose life!

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