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Present The Solution For Worldwide Poverty And Human Rights

Current Governments, worldwide have miserably failed the people they "supposedly" represent. A continued failure to address common issues that separate and divide a people rather than bringing them together as one, has diminished the hearts and souls of many. There is no time like the present situation in which we find ourselves to implement a plan that is and will be of equality for all, laying the benchmark whereby ALL peoples of this world will be equally held at high esteem and compassionately valued for the individual they are. The solution for Worldwide Poverty and Human Rights lay at the hands of each and everyone of us, cumulatively have the responsibility to our fellow man to ensure the welfare and their well_being are catered for in all their hopes, wishes, and heart felt desires. The Worldwide United foundation Holds the key in assuring equality for all in its similitude and basic effects that WILL eliminate the ill health of this world of which has declined to its uttermost inhumane venture ever sought by humankind. My implementing this throughout the world can and will only come to light if you implement the same childlike understanding that is within ALL of human kind. May the God within yourself prevail in all logic and wisdom. My heart goes with you.

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