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Mikael Bisby
Mikael Bisby Campaign leader

This talks about a study that was taken place a few years ago and it really shows how serious it is when they talk about the loss of marine…Read More

Marine 'dead zones' on the rise

SCIENTISTS fear the world is facing a mass extinction of sea life as a result of an increasing number of "dead zones" in the oceans. The scientists say hundreds of the so-called dead zones, which are so low in oxygen that fish and other sea life cannot survive, are being reported around the world in areas that have been overfished. The zones,…Read More
Mikael Bisby
Mikael Bisby Campaign leader

This describes what they are probably the best way possible also talks about how and where they occur and talks about the affects of…Read More

Dead Zones - Learn about - Teach Ocean Science

Adrian Jones
What is the “Dead Zone”? In coastal marine environments, “Dead Zones” are regions where oxygen concentrations are very low. This condition of oxygen deficiency, known as hypoxia, is caused by an interaction between biological, chemical and physical factors. In the absence of sufficient oxygen, animals and plants either die or leave the dead zone.…Read More
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