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Tell Ghirardelli: Fair Trade Your Chocolate By 2015

This campaign matters to me due to the reason that having young poor children doing difficult labor for the tremendous high profit that a company makes by paying these laborers barely nothing and yet selling their (excellent) product in which the company takes in an enormous profit is highway robbery to these young laborers! It's not right and its not fair! I love Ghiardelli Chocolates and as a matter of fact I REALLY WISH THEY WOULD SELL IN THE SUPERMARKETS THE "CHOCOLATE MINT COFFEE, GROUND" AS TO JUST SELLING IT IN A HOLIDAY BASKET GIFT! I SAMPLED THAT ONCE AND LOOKED AROUND EVERY STORE AND COULD NOT LOCATE IT! I CALLED CHANCELLOR AND THEY ADVISED THAT IT WAS ONLY SOLD AS A GIFT BASKET! IF THEY WLD SELL THAT PRODUCT IN THE STORES I WOULD BUY IT IN QUANTITIES, JUST LIKE I BUY THE "MALITA HAZELNUT GROUND COFFEE IN QUANTITIES! I WOULD CLEAR OUT YHE SHELF!

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