We need to start to label palm oil products correctly so we are aware of what risks were made to get the oil.

Orangutans are a species native to Borneo and Sumatra. By the day they are dying just because of human greed. They are such a peaceful creature, who mind their own business and raise their families. Sadly, a century ago, there was more than 230,000 orangutans worldwide. Now there is only a low of 16,000 to as high as 65,000 orangutans left in the wild. There are two types of orangutans left in the wild today, 7,000 Sumatran Orangutans and 50,000 Bornean Orangutans are surviving today. There are four main reasons why this species is dying out, they are; Palm oil, illegal pet trade, poaching and loss of habitat through forestation.

Palm oil is the biggest threat to the future of orangutans. Palm oil is the oil in the middle of a palm tree and is used for many different human needs. Palm oil is used in products such as, cooking oil, soaps, ice-cream, shampoo, peanut butter and candles. This is a threat to orangutans because orangutans rely on these types of trees to survive as they eat the fruits off the trees. When they cut down the trees Orangutans have nowhere else to get food expect from local farmers growing crops in the area. If the orangutans are spotted stealing off the farmer, they are considered pests and they kill the species on site.

Every year there are 1,000 orangutans on average being lost every year just from local hunting pressures? These days in local areas around villages and cities, orangutans are believed to be extinct as they have already hunted and killed them for their personal needs. The reason why they hunt the species is because they uses its meat for food, its fur for jumpers or rugs, they get paid by doing trade ins’ on the orangutan skull in Kalimantan and lastly they mainly hunt the species to put the babies into the illegal pet trade.

It has been illegal for decades to trade in or own your own orangutan, despite the law people are still doing so and the population is suffering because of it. The trade in isn’t for adult orangutans or adolescence orangutans, it is for predominantly infant orangutans. To get these orangutans so young, the mother has to be shot and killed. On average, each time one infant is taking, 6-8 other orangutans are killed trying to protect the infant. Most of these infants don’t survive anyways, if they are below two years old they mainly die from, poor care, disease, injury and hey psychological trauma of losing their mother. Today over 1,500 orangutans are in rehabilitation centres in Borneo and Sumatra because of poor care.

Lastly the main death to orangutans in the past century has been done by forest fires. 1997 and 2006, a forest fire raged through 12 million hectares of Indonesians forest. This raged through 36 of the 35 major forest reserves killing over 48% of orangutans. It wasn’t just the fires that killed them, it was the starvation and dehydration done to the species after the fires raged through.

Today, we lose around 3,000 – 7,000 orangutans each year just to the causes I described above. Please help me spread the word about this issue and help me make this come to an end!

So help us today and sign my pledge and petition to help save orangutans from palm oil.

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