• Update #4

Thank you for sharing your message Deepak Maheschwari blessings!! Deepak Maheshwari wrote on March 27 at 1:21am in Prayer for Water & Environment facebook event page MASTER THOUGHTS PROJECT LOVE AND LIGHT TO MOTHER EARTH AND HUMANITY AND YOURSELF. All…Read More

Carbon 7

  • Update #3

Carbon 7 is a state of being where the number of neutrons making up the carbon basis of the individual is reduced from 6 to 1 Carbon 7 carries higher fields such as fields of thought `` formed in spiritual enlightenment halo around heads ~~ carbon 7 = 6…Read More

Inviting the HIGHER SELF

  • Update #1

Dear loved ones, I share this for a new way of living and manifesting NEW MOTHER EARTH. Each day when rising call in the violet flame to your energy field while wrapping yourself in white Light… We access all truth and information in the present…Read More