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This petition is directed at the Egytian government and its proxies, particularly the powerful Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. It is important to let them know that the world expects them to uphold freedom of expression for both its citizens and the journalists who report their views and perspectives, even if contrary to their own. 

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    30 something key board warrior ;) I do try to make a difference in the real world but too often I…Read More

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Leo Passaportis
Leo Passaportis Campaign leader

Two issues present themselves here. The first is one of freedom of expression, denied these journalists and Al Jazeera support staff. The…Read More

Peter Greste's letter from Egyptian jail

Writing from Tora Prison, Al Jazeera correspondent Peter Greste has outlined the fate of his fellow journalists, detained for two weeks without charge in Egypt. Award winning foreign correspondent Greste, spoke of his fears over writing the letter, but said that he had made the decision that remaining silent and fighting his imprisonment from…Read More