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Increase the penalty for animal cruelty in Pennylvania

The current laws are not strong enough to send the message that cruelty will not be tolerated

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Kristin Lauersen
Kristin Lauersen Campaign leader

A vet confirmed 'Elsa aka Charlie' likely starved to death inside the crate. I cannot imagine what an agonizing and painful death this…Read More

Dog starved to death inside crate

The dead dog found last week frozen in a crate in Tioga County, Pa. died by starvation, according to a criminal complaint against a man accused of leaving the dog named Charlie. Pennsylvania State Police in Mansfield on Tuesday charged Matthew S. Stone, 29, of East Main Street in Elkland, with cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor, and other…Read More
Kristin Lauersen
Kristin Lauersen Campaign leader

Please sign to help us reach the judge in this case - the penalty for locking a dog in a crate in the frigid cold and abandoning him is…Read More

Elkland man charged in deceased dog case

The Wellsboro Gazette
Feel like you're not getting the whole story? You probably aren't. The stories at are previews. For the whole story, subscribe to the print edition or E-Edition of this paper today through the links on this site. Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 8:15 am Elkland man charged in deceased dog case Matthew Scott Stone, 27, of…Read More