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Dieter Gerhard

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Call For The Resignation Of Colin Barnett

I have dived with sharks for the past 23 years and know that they are not the mindless killers portrayed by the film industry and main stream media. Large sharks like this beautiful Tiger rarely approach man and when they do it is almost always passively. Learn to understand how vital they are to the entire eco system and overcome any personal fears. If you can't then buy a Sharkshield or stay out of the water. Killing is not a rational way to overcome the fear of what we don't understand. Colin Barnett can not be allowed to get away with this vandalism in the name of water safety. Please sign and do all possible to get everyone you know to take action.

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Karen Willshaw

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Call For The Resignation Of Colin Barnett

Killing / culling innocent creatures in their own environment is not the way to go. Educate and learn by these marine animals and live in harmony with them. Start destroying the top predator and the entire eco system will become unbalanced. Mr Barnett, your policy will not be the downfall of sharks, it will be the downfall of your political career in more ways that one.

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Jonathan Butow

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Call For The Resignation Of Colin Barnett

Greetings friends and family, I am personally effected by the WA governments decision to catch and kill large sharks off the coast. As a marine scientist who has studied and worked extensively in our ocean playground, i believe this latest policy is only going to a) attract more large sharks to our coast and b) threaten the resilience of a species inadvertently controls an ecosystem which produces 75% of the oxygen we breathe. The science is pretty simple, take out large predators from the ecosystem and you upset a balance which has been forged over 100's of million of years. We have seen the negative and irreversible effects of long line fishing in migratory areas such as the Galapagos islands and the devastating effects of commercial netting all around the world. Now our very own government, which promised to be a world leader in marine research and establish the largest network of marine reserves in the world, has taken a complete backflip and refused to listen to public outcry or scientific data. I have not remained quiet on this issue and have taken a few steps to voice my understandings. i am designing a website which provides real science behind our relationship with sharks throughout history. Today i am taking my voice a step further. I am calling for the resignation of Colin Barnett who has ignored public outcry and betrayed the trust of his electorate. There is no transparency in his apporach to politics and this is dangerous for the future of our country and its relationship with both the natural world and the international community! i have set a reasonable target of 50 signatures to assist in this cause <10% of my facebook friends and family! i hope i achieve this target and with your support i can!

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David Mariner

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Call For The Resignation Of Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett does not listen to what the West Australian People want, he ignores what the people say, he looks out for his own interests. In his head he believes that he is invincible with the big business's rallying behind him and that can do what he wants. Worst of all is that all of it is done with a smirk on his face. But it's time we stand up for our values and beliefs, to make this a better state, a state to be proud of. A government that listens to what its people want, to work in unison to create a better future for the children, for nature and for ourselves.

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