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The inspiring story of Servio Curipoma, a cacao farmer from Ecuador, who traveled thousands of miles to face down Chevron CEO John Watson.

Amazon Watch - Servio Curipoma: Holding Chevron Accountable

Amazon Watch
Servio Curipoma: Holding Chevron Accountable October 30, 2013 | Caroline Bennett Support the Fight! Contribute today to support Servio and the fight for justice and to hold Chevron accountable. CONTRIBUTE "My mother died from your cancer. You killed my mother." His voice didn't waver as he fought back bitter tears standing face-to-face with…Read More
SierraRise Campaign leader

Today is the third anniversary of what could be one of the most important triumphs of indigenous rights over Big Oil in world history.

Amazon Watch - Eye on the Amazon: The Official Blog of Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch
3rd anniversary of judgment against Chevron In Ecuador February 14, 2014 Support the Fight! Your contribution allows us to continue to raise our voice and fight for the defense of the rights of the affected indigenous and campesino communities and also for the essential resources of the earth. DONATE NOW Today is the third anniversary of what…Read More
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