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Reduce Potential Cancer Causing Ingredient In Soda

"To high" levels of a caramel coloring chemical, 4-MeI, that's been linked to cancer. Pepsi One along with many other sodas contain this chemical. (Kelly Ree contends in the lawsuit that Pepsi One contains a dangerous level of 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MEI, which has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory mice. She said the company was required to warn consumers of the danger under California's Proposition 65 but failed to do so.)

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Gwendolyn Kekumuokalani Damasco

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Reduce Potential Cancer Causing Ingredient In Soda

SODA, soft drinks are consumed by many: children, families, friends who are bombarded by commercials and are strategically placed in stores to catch the eyes and thirst of children, adults as well and purposely sold on a large scale. It targets the emotions of consumers with color, taste; cold refreshing buzz with a Kick ! With all of this in face how is one to even care of it's toxic ingredients hidden in every ounce consumed daily. The addictive hold goes unaware with its cancerous alliance; destroying healthy cells that will scam the pockets of all Americans who are fortunate to afford health insurance or not ! So yes, with all of that in motion ! A campaign and petition straight to the source is warranted not to lessen its cancerous ingredients but to omit it altogether ! If we can stand as one to say what will be consumed and what will not that ends up in or food, water, toothpaste, and medications and so forth than maybe Healthcare would not be so costly or better yet not needed ! OOPs ! did I say a bad word ?

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