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Deport Justin Bieber from the USA

It is critical that we prevent this idiot from being an influence on our children!

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Just another reason he has to go!

Justin Bieber Busted for DUI, Drag Racing in Lamborghini

Yahoo Celebrity
Bieber was seen driving away from a nightclub with a female passenger late Wednesday night. (PacificCoastNews) Justin Bieber may top his terrible 2013 with an even worse 2014. The "Boyfriend" singer was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach, according to police. #BreakingNews confirming @justinbieber has been arrested for DUI &…Read More

"Has the pop star met the standard for deportation or should visitors be forgiven for lesser crimes?"

When Visa Holders Behave Badly in the U.S. - Room for Debate - NYTimes.com

Canadian pop musician Justin Bieber’s recent arrest in Florida on charges including drunken driving has shined a spotlight on what happens when foreigners break the law in the United States. Should it be easier to revoke green cards and work visas or even deport those who are convicted of misdemeanors? Read the Discussion »