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Jane Young
Jane Young Campaign leader

Please also sign this petition that is supporting keeping dogs inside from the cold in Windsor, Ontario.

Pet Dog Welfare Petition

Pet Dog Welfare Petition We, the undersigned, seek to open the dialogue on the welfare of dogs left outdoors in extreme cold weather conditions. In regards to leaving dogs out in the cold weather for prolonged periods of time, the current municipal by-laws and provincial laws do not require pet owners to provide much more humanity to dogs than…Read More
Jane Young
Jane Young Campaign leader

From Nova Scotia: Tethering laws not good enough to support dogs in the cold

Group: 12 hours ‘too long’ to tether dogs in cold

The Chronicle Herald
An animal rights group in Nova Scotia says there are some serious gaps in a proposed draft regulation that would protect companion animals. In January, provincial Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell said the changes would limit the time a dog could be tied outside to 12 continuous hours. But the legislation doesn’t take into consideration such…Read More
Jane Young
Jane Young Campaign leader

One of the many news articles describing what needs to be done with legislation relating to animals left in extreme temperatures.

SPCA pushing for legislation to protect pets left out in the cold

CTV Atlantic Published Thursday, January 9, 2014 7:10PM AST Most pet owners know that keeping animals outside for an extended period of time during the winter is not only cruel, it can have fatal consequences. However, some pets are still being left outside in harsh temperatures. David Ross, chief inspector at the Nova Scotia SPCA, has been…Read More
Jane Young
Jane Young Campaign leader

Alright Surrey!!

Dog owners in Surrey could face $500 fine for leaving dogs in cars

Global News
Surrey residents who leave their dogs in hot vehicles or loose in the back of a pickup truck could soon face fines of $500. City council voted to approve recommendations to the city’s dog responsibility by-law to allow by-law enforcement officers and animal control officers to issue tickets directly to people who violate the ‘Care of Dogs’…Read More
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