This article has Japan defending this dolphin massacre as a traditional hunt practice.

Japan officials defend dolphin hunting at Taiji Cove

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Local fisherman: Dolphin slaughter took place in cove in Taiji, Japan Local officials defend hunting of dolphins as a traditional practice Prefecture government allows hunt of more than 2,000 dolphins and porpoises Read this article in Spanish Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- The slaughter of bottlenose dolphins in an infamous Japaneseā€¦Read More

To see live video of dolphins being hacked to death at Taiji Cove Bay and how it is a merciless massacre and also that these perpetratorsā€¦Read More

This photo shows the blooded, polluted waters of Taiji Cove Bay in Japan following a recent dolphin slaughter.

stop Dolphins slaughters in Taiji cove - Japan

Animals have the same right of existence and to live in their habitat as us humans, without being in danger and killed ! They should be respect and protected !