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Necole Cook

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Stop Dolphins Slaughters In Taiji Cove Japan

going to marine parks , one is only supporting the slaughter and captivity of these dolphins/whales/orcas... The sucide rate for these animals is high in marine parks.. Babies are seperated from their familes and witness the slaughter /murder of their pods.. family members.. In Marine parks babies are taken from their moms nd sold to be sent off too other places around the world.. The chorline in these pools/tanks eat their skin.. They swim hundreds of miles a day out in the wild and have very little move to swim in a tank.. their home is in the ocean.. If u love dolphins as much as i do then u will do the right thing nd never go to these marine parks.. Your hands will have the blood as the killers..

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Sara Schneider

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Stop Dolphins Slaughters In Taiji Cove Japan

Help dolphins to survive! Japanese Taiji people want to extinct the entire sea life in "their" bays and ocean parts. Pray for let it happen upside down punishment to all those persons who harm so gruesome these beautiful creatures. We want a colored beautiful world? Then let's start to make not only a difference but a change. We take responsibility over our fellow living beings. We demans instantly stop the cruelties! We otherwise exclude Japanese of our TOGETHER HUMANITY, TOGETHER SHARE THE EARTH TO LIVE IN.

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