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We are looking for individuals to join our Bfree movement pledging to replace 1 meal a day with a nutritious meal replacement shake and STAND UP(putting down cellphones, moving away from the computer, or getting off the coach) and Bfree for 1-hour to do some form of physical activity...Bfree is a person doing what freedom is to them that they enjoy... singing, painting, dances, playing sports,…

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Ronda Smith
Ronda Smith Campaign leader

This is a must read. The way we eat is near or is gluttony. The larger the plate the more we fill it. The more we fill it, the more we…Read More

Large dishes increase how much cereal kids request, eat, and waste! | Food and Brand Lab

Wansink, B., Van Ittersum, K. & Payne, C.R. (2013). Larger Bowl Size Increases the Amount of Cereal Children Request, Consume, and Waste. Journal of Pediatrics, Forthcoming. [email protected] Click here to view and download cartoon! Free for non-commercial use Bigger dishes can cause adults to serve and consume more food, but a new…Read More
Ronda Smith
Ronda Smith Campaign leader

Our youth are severely being affected adversely by obesity and the lack of physical exercise...America Stand UP with us and we challenge…Read More

Obesity Consequences

Obesity Prevention Source
Obesity Consequences The High Cost of Excess Weight Apart from tobacco, there is perhaps no greater harm to the collective health in the U.S. than obesity. Worldwide, too, obesity’s health effects are deep and vast—and they have a real and lasting impact on communities, on nations, and most importantly, on individuals, today and across future…Read More