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Urge San Francisco to conserve water during the drought

California leaders recently declared a drought emergency for the state.

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Rocky Beach
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California is facing a historic drought and we need to do our part as a city.

California drought: Jerry Brown declares emergency, asks public to ration water

(01-17) 10:01 PST San Francisco -- Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday officially declared a drought emergency in California, asking residents to voluntarily reduce their water use by 20 percent and committing to bolster the state's dwindling water supplies with better management and federal assistance. The order, announced at a news conference at the…Read More

Chacha Sikes, a former Code For America fellow, has been working on mapping water rights and tables for for quite a while. This drought…Read More

New California Water Atlas | CHACHAVILLE

New California Water Atlas Homepage of the California Water Rights Atlas Since December, Laci & I have been working on mapping water with the Resource Renewal Institute (Huey Johnson, a former Resource Secretary of CA.) This has been fun. We did a map of Water Rights. That's been well received and we were recently on the Wired blog. We…Read More