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remove lead from purses, belts, and shoes

I am a lead poison survivor since I was an infant; I inhaled something in the air and the source was a lead-based paint used in the home I had lived in 66 Monroe Street and I might have also picked up something off the ground covered in lead putting it in my mouth. I could have died with the high…Read More

Lead found in purses, belts, and shoes is a stunningly toxic chemical, and can harm parents as well as children.
“Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21 are selling fashion accessories that contain more than 10,000 p.p.m. of lead or higher.”
Statistics quantify a problem.

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No one wants to protect their children more than a mother. Please sign and protect all of our children who shop at these stores.

I just want our children to grow up healthy. Every third people in Norway is dying from canser, so let us help to get a cleaner envirement and helthier food. Life should be wonderful for all. Thank you!