I have cancer caused by Agent Orange while serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1967. I am currently receiving radiation treatment for it in a VA Hospital. Prostate cancer is one of the cancer types caused by Agent Orange and other toxins that DOW Chemical sprayed in Vietnam and other Asian…Read More

My husband served in Vietnam, exposed to Agent Orange. He died 3 years ago from a form of leukemia we believe caused by his exposure.
Sue Duoos, Mn

I read a story in Organic Gardening magazine years ago, if the plants have their soil mineral quotient met, bugs do not want the healthy plants to munch on. I had the Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia set and it educates how to make the best gardening soil and crop rotation benefits.

This campaign is so important because there are lunatics living on this planet who are messing with "Mother Natures" own creation - our food! We simply cannot let these people destroy and poison what is everybody's property - under no circumstances must they get their own way!!!

Keep up the good work

Stop New GMO ‘Agent Orange’ Crops!
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