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Olin Downs
Olin Downs Campaign leader

Great graphic on DUI's

Drunk Driving Infographic | Consequences, Help, and Information

The Saint Jude Retreats, America's Non 12 Step and Non Treatment Programs
Drunk Driving Infographic An American Created Alcoholic Since 1980, the penalties for driving under the influence have grown in severity, and rightfully so, but now on the path to restoring your license stands the possibility of Alcoholics Anonymous. If court-ordered AA is deemed necessary, exposure to labels like diseased and alcoholic could…Read More
Olin Downs
Olin Downs Campaign leader

If you are in a car accident and there is a drunk driver involved, you should considering contacting a lawyer. Many thanks to Dickerson…Read More

Kansas City Car Accident Attorney

Dickerson Oxton
Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer Traffic accidents remain a significant source of personal injury and death in Kansas City. In 2008, the National Traffic Safety Administration reported that 32 people were killed each month in passenger car accidents statewide. Over 5.8 million auto accidents occurred nationwide that same year injuring more than…Read More