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The Federal Communications Commission plans to propose new open Internet rules on Thursday that would allow content companies to pay…Read More

Feds May Be Looking To Bail On Net Neutrality

The Huffington Post
Net neutrality is not dead. But it may be about to take a big blow to the head. The Wall Street Journal has a foreboding scoop on what the new net neutrality rules the Federal Communications Commission is drafting will look like, and they will not have Internet activists thrilled. According to sources who spoke with the newspaper, the FCC is…Read More

This could happen.

Bring Back Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality, Civil Rights, and Big Telecom Dollars

The Huffington Post
You might not know it, but the reason you're able to read this article, the reason you found out about happened in Ferguson when you did and how you did, the reason you're able to participate in activism on the Internet, is because of the way the Internet has worked since its inception -- as an open platform free from corporate censorship and free…Read More

Our collective pressure is making an impact! Let's keep it up. “Nothing about this rollout has gone the way the chairman would like to see…Read More

Somehow, Activists Have Put Protecting Net Neutrality Back on the Agenda

New Republic
When Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler initially proposed rules to allow telecoms to charge Internet companies for access to a “fast lane” to speed content to their users, plenty of people sounded the death rattle for the principle of net neutrality. A few weeks later, despite today’s passage of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking…Read More

Did you call FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler (1-202-418-1000) and tell him to reclassify the Internet as a public utility?? Thank you! Now,…Read More

Bring Back Net Neutrality
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