Having been to a shelter, I can say it was a fight for food sometimes. Picture 20 or so women each with multiple kids all living in the same building.  And sharing one kitchen.  And sharing  a few bathrooms.  There was nothing private about it.  I didn't leave my home  with any groceries.  I didn't even think of eating.  I just wanted to get out of there in one piece and protect my children.  I was tired of the abuse and the cycle.  

So the kids and I went to the domestic violence shelter for 30 days. Imagine when I found myself in a building with one kitchen, a few bathrooms, and a houseful of women and children.  The women would fight over freezer space, and shelf space in the kitchen.  It was a fight for privacy in the bathroom. When I did buy a few things at the grocery store, I had to write my name on them in black magic marker and put them in the community kitchen.  Sometimes, they would just disappear.  I know it was hard for all of us.  Yet this was the last thing I wanted to have to go through after leaving my home.

That's why Prayers and Promises is paying it forward and asking you to donate  Gift Cards to those affected by domestic violence. 

To let a mom go out to dinner with her kids and help her remember that she will make it.  

To provide a small token of hope - that things will change for the better. 

Let's put our Prayers and Promises to work in our own neighborhoods and be a blessing to those in need.


Diana Rasmussen

CEO of Prayers and Promises

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